Every day Tecnoline and its team of designers and consultants work to provide answers to unmet medical needs by developing and manufacturing innovative medical devices.

Integrated system
for systemic ozone therapy

PHTHALATES FREE closed-loop medical device

Intended for ozonated autohaemotherapy consisting of blood sampling, followed by treatment with gaseous oxygen/ozone mixture and subsequent reinfusion to the patient. Combined with the blood sampling scale, this results in an integrated system for systemic ozone therapy.

TecnO₃ CCC

The TECNO3 ‘CCC’ BIOS.C device features a coating treatment of the surfaces in contact with blood with non-thrombogenic characteristics consisting of a phosphorylcholine-based polymer film; this produces a biomimetic structure simulating the structure of cell surfaces. This biomimicry mechanism makes it possible to reduce the adverse reactions that occur when blood comes into contact with foreign materials that are not biocompatible.

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TecnoSave is a complete disposable closed-loop system for post-operative surgical drainage, collection and recovery of autologous blood for autotransfusion.

TecnoSave has an initial pressure of 140 mmHg (18.66 KPa) and an average working pressure of approximately 40 mmHg (5.33 KPa). The device is supplied pre-charged, and due to its design, it automatically recharges whenever blood is transferred into the autotransfusion unit for transfusion. The autotransfusion unit consists of a bag with three different levels of cascade filtration: 120-micron macro filter, 80-micron intermediate filter and a 40-micron micro-aggregate filter.

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Archer is a disposable medical device intended for variable pulse washing and suction of surgical wounds, particularly in orthopaedic surgery.

The washing fluid is delivered through a Venturi system connected to the medical air connector in the operating theatre and thanks to the multi-use system (pressure reducer) the operator can adjust the washing jet pulse.

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Biocontainment stretcher
for transferring infected patients

The bag ensures patient isolation during transport

This eliminates the risk of infection for healthcare personnel and simplifies the sanitisation of the ambulance. The device, which is perfectly compatible with the equipment already on the vehicle, is made using technology already developed by Tecnoline in 2014 for the transport of Ebola patients.



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